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Garden Club News
April 2017

Well, the snapdragons are finally in full bloom and are spectacular and we hope you’re enjoying them especially as you wait “patiently” for the light at Bitters and Partridge Trail to turn green for a left turn!

The February container gardening workshop was a huge success. Our presenter, Steven Jandt, brought a plethora of plants and the various styles and sizes of containers were all gorgeous. Please try and make it to one of our future workshops. The cost was only $10.00.

On March 22nd, members of the garden club toured the San Antonio River by barge. The city has planted so many beautiful plants and we had a great time oohing and aahing. Lunch after the tour was really tasty.

It’s not too late to sign up for our field trip to Spring Creek Gardens in Spring Branch. We’ll tour the gardens, possibly make some purchases, and eat somewhere along the way back into San Antonio. Call Toni Dunn at 494-9962 or Barbara Eickman at 494-1768 if you’re interested. The only cost to you is a couple of dollars for the driver’s gasoline usage plus any purchases you make and, of course, your lunch.


This is a good time to spread compost on your yards. Go to Garden Ville for the best and least expensive. I’ve used their compost for years and never gotten any weeds. (No, I receive no kick back!) Plant tomatoes in full sun and you should have a healthy and prolific crop. Plant annuals such as impatiens for shade and any colorful deer proof flowers for full sun. If you planted pansies and snapdragons, they’ll start getting “tired” when the temperatures reach and stay at 80 or above. Time to replace now and you’ll have mature flowers to take the place of your or any other fall/winter flowers.


The yard of the month for April 2017 has been awarded to the Jenke family who lives at 15815 Rothbury Lane. This is the first time the family has won. Their yard is a family affair with Matthew and the boys keeping the mowing and trimming up to date. Mom, Roxanne takes care of most of the flower pots around the yard, of which there are many. They have cast iron plant growing at the front door. A Redbud tree that was full of buds and Nandina full of red berries. There are several oak trees in their front yard which provide plenty of shade. Lots of Asiatic Jasmine for ground cover. Other plantings include different types of fern and Philodendron. A Sago Palm is growing among the Jasmine. Rose bushes are growing in pots along with an assortment of other colorful plants. Two Avocado seeds that are one of the boy’s projects are growing and doing very well. This yard seems to have survived the Winter season very well. Thanks to this family for taking such pride in their yard.

Honorable Mention:
703 Morning Hill
1223 Wood Fern

Mom's Club

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If you are interested in being involved in a Classic Car Club, please contact Ronnie Gray at gray7460@sbcglobal.net. It is not necessary to own your own classic car to join.

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