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Garden Club News
August 2017

The Garden Club members met in July to cut ribbons for the Christmas bows. The next meeting will be the Annual Membership coffee on August 30th at 9:30. Barbara Beard will host the coffee at her home on 823 Silver Spruce. If you’re interested in learning more about the Garden Club, or attending the membership coffee, please contact Toni Dunn at 210-494-9962 or Susan Hawthorne at 210-495-1921.


Lots of hungry deer seem to be in Hidden Forest this year. Bambi may be adorable on the movie screen, but not so much if deer are devouring your plants. Deer dislike strong odors such as garlic, rotten eggs, soap, mothballs and peppermint. Here are a few suggestions that may help save your plants:

  • Spread blood meal (a non chemical powder) around your flowers. It can be purchased at nurseries and is also good for your garden. Place a ¼ layer of blood meal 2 inches wide along the perimeter of your garden.
  • Make your own repellent. Take two cups of hot water and add two tablespoons of garlic powder, three beaten eggs(shells included), and three tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Cover and allow mixture to sit for two or more days. Add two quarts of warm water. Put the mixture in a clean spray bottle and spray your plants. The odor will dissipate after a day or so, but the deer will still be able to smell it. You will need to reapply about every two weeks or after a rain or after watering if you use a sprinkler.
  • Take a bar of Irish Spring soap, slice it into ½ inch cubes with a knife and then spread the chunks around your plants. You can also wrap the cubes in cheesecloth and hang from stakes.
  • Deer avoid entering gardens populated by plants they don’t like. Some plants that they dislike are rosemary, salvia, asters, black eyed Susans, irises, mountain laurels, burning bushes, Japanese maples and cedars.


Our selection for Yard of the Month for August is the beautifully maintained home of Mark and Lynda Breidenbach, at 15806 Wilderness Parkway, who are longtime residents. There is a large Pomegranate tree and a welcoming Fan Palm and Sago toward the front porch. Lantana, Germander and Mexican Buckeye are just a few of the plants in a raised flower bed. There are decorative accents which add to this attractive yard. Congratulations to Mark and Lynda for their lovely yard.

Honorable Mention:
15827 Wolf Creek


Our selection for yard of the month for July is the beautifully manicured home of James and Deb Standish at 1227 Arizona Ash who have lived in Hidden Forest for 19 years and are second time winners having won in 2007. James said that he and Deb work as a team with designing and maintaining their yard. There is a large ficus tree that’s set between the garage doors at the front of their home. They have a cluster of mature live oaks and have in pots and in the ground various plants to include yellow hibiscus, variegated caladiums, impatiens, dusty miller, begonias, banana trees, pittosporum, sago palm, bird of paradise, and a large Boston fern hanging from one of the oak trees. In addition, there is a row of neatly trimmed boxwood along the front of the house. For added whimsy, there’s a large blue gazing ball set in the large bed and a cute wind chime hanging from a tree.

Congratulations to the Standish family and a big thank you for the love they have put into their yard and for making Hidden Forest a beautiful area in which to live.

Honorable Mention:
823 Silver Spruce

Mom's Club

Are you interested in starting a Mom’s Club in the neighborhood?  There has been lots of interest.  Contact the office and we’ll help you get one started!

Neighborhood Women's Bible Study

Anyone interested in starting a Bible Study, please contact the office.

Classic Car Club 

If you are interested in being involved in a Classic Car Club, please contact Ronnie Gray at gray7460@sbcglobal.net. It is not necessary to own your own classic car to join.

Tennis Club

Mens and women’s tennis leagues.

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