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Below you will find the candidates that are running for Board of Director's positions along with their biographies.
*Voting will stay open through the Annual meeting. 



My wife, Melanie, and four children moved to Hidden Forest in 2016 after spending 15 years working and traveling with the United States military on active duty. While we enjoyed working and living in different places, we knew that our children needed to be grounded in their Texan roots and subsequently decided to return home to San Antonio because of the people, culture, and proximity to family.  We did not realize how fortunate we were to stumble into Hidden Forest while home searching, but it was one of the best decisions we made to stop looking.  Our children were quickly immersed into the school system at HF Elementary where one remains, one is now at Bradley, and two are at Churchill.  Hidden Forest is one of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio and my goal is to work with the HOA Board to ensure that our welcoming culture remains strong.  Life starts in the home and our primary responsibility is to encourage an environment where families can prosper, relax, and grow which can be accomplished by maintaining a safe neighborhood built on respect, trust, and community.


My husband Zach and I moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago with our three sons and have since added three more kiddos to our bunch! We are both lifelong San Antonians and always had a desire to live in the Forest. Our children have provided many opportunities to meet our neighbors and grow friendships in our community. Serving on the HOA board is a tangible way for me to improve and maintain all the things we love about our neighborhood and connect with the people in it.


My name is Darren Dickout and I moved to Hidden Forest with my family in 2016.  We love being a part of this community and participating in the many opportunities available to interact with our neighbors.  My wife, Kristin, grew up in the area and currently works at Churchill High School.  Our son is currently in 4th grade at Hidden Forest Elementary and our daughter just started 6th grade at Bradley Middle School.  Our kids are heavily involved in school and community activities including art and music, sports and service.

Late last year I was encouraged to attend the HF BOD meeting.  I have been attending the meetings ever since and have also been made a BOD member at large allowing me to participate in the meetings but not vote.  I would love the opportunity to continue serving my community as a full-on board member and my past experience prepares me well to serve in a larger role. As a former teacher and school administrator, I have the skills required to listen, inform and communicate very well in addition understanding budgets and numbers.  My background in physics and energy management enables me to understand the physical and mechanical details of many of the neighborhood's systems and structures.  Finally, as a real estate professional, I understand the importance of an effective HOA along with well-maintained amenities and the effect that these have on the neighborhood as a whole.  I have also been a part of numerous committees and focus groups along the way.

Hidden Forest HOA | Hidden Forest Homeowners Association

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