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4th of July Fun

Our Hidden Forest Community had a wonderful time celebrating Independence Day by participating in a variety of events sponsored by the HOA. Morning activities included a 5K Fun Run/Walk and a Family Parade. Later, we enjoyed a Poolside Picnic -- complete with Nathanís Famous Hot Dogs with trimmings and Pot Luck goodies provided by neighborhood families. Special thanks to the following volunteers:

Edith Pena and Liliana Gonzalez-- Organizers
Joel PeŮa and Edward Gonzalez -- Organizers and Timers
Adnan and Leo Ahmetovic -- Timers
Anya Stawasz -- Registration and T-shirts
Sarah and Richard Klinger -- Registration and T-shirts
Anela Ahmetovic - Fruit Table
Sriram Madabhushi and Pamela Klinger -- Photography
Edith Pena and family -- Recreation Area Pathway Flags
Conine Family, Sarah Holland and Allison Houston-- Parade Water Station
Donna Wright -- Arrangements with Firestation
San Antonio Fire Station 31 -- Parade Leaders
Horse Creek & Blue Creek Families -- Parade Greeters
Dillon Hartley and our awesome lifeguards -- Pool Games

A big "thank you" also goes out to our dedicated Office Managers and Board Members for working to make it a fun day for all. Without all these people dedicating their valuable time, this event would not have been possible. The entire day was a wonderful reminder of how fortunate we are to live in Hidden Forest.

Foster Fun Run Winners!!!

6-8 Year Old Boys
1st - Dylan Locke
2nd - Sam Martin
3rd - Mason Cortez

6-8 Year Old Girls
1st - Emilia Ryan

9-10 Year Old Boys
1st - Lucas Flinn
2nd - Elijah McGill

9-10 Year Old Girls
1st - Jenna Locke
2nd - Annabelle Martin
3rd - Hailey Trevino

11-12 Year Old Boys
1st - Matthew Hassel
2nd - Wesley Alsup

11-12 Year Old Girls
1st - Elena Elkins
2nd - Mycca Clay
3rd - Katie Reaves

13-15 Year Old Boys

1st - Luke Martin
2nd - Paul Hassel
3rd - Ryan Tubbesing

13-15 Year Old Girls
1st - Maya Landgrebe
2nd - Sara Hanna
3rd - Paige Schwierking

16-18 Year Old Boys
1st - Carlo Addington
2nd - Caleb Hanna
3rd - Jackson Lusk

16-18 Year Old Girls
1st - Lindsey Vise
2nd - Britt Haney
3rd - Shannon Tubbesing

19-29 Year Old Boys
1st - Brenden Conn
2nd - Connor Tubbesing
3rd - Ethan Lutz

19-29 Year Old Girls
1st - Samantha Munoz
2nd - Samantha de Roco
3rd - Courtney Lutz

Over 30 Boys
1st - Brian Eigel
2nd - Wayne Martin
3rd - Nick Squeo

Over 30 Girls
1st - Deanna Johnson
2nd - Christine Lusk
3rd - Shera Dewald

Men - Toby Flinn
Women - Bertha Gutierrez

Hidden Forest Social Co-Chairs Needed!

If you are interested in helping Hidden Forest HOA with Social Events throughout the year, please contact the Hidden Forest HOA office at 494-0711.

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